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Why You Need to Make the Most of Your Profile …

Before this method, getting the most out of your LinkedIn profile was about trying to apply the information out there about “best practices” san tips from the so-called “gurus”.

You’d take your best shot at it, add the content and updates to your profile that you think made sense, then hope for the best.

But now, we have taken the guess work out of it with a done for you method that we’ve developed and can apply to your profile to deliver measurable results!

How It Started …

Hi, I’m Todd, founder of LinkedinEngine and the biggest frustration when I first started using LinkedIn was:

“How can I get tangible value out of of being on LinkedIn?”

I wanted to create my profile and have it generate interest from qualified people and generate inbound marketing leads. Keeping it simple … To optimize my profile for my target market and have it actually work for me …… Without guessing at what I should do, what content to add, what content not to add, then hoping it does something for me.

I just wanted to create my profile, optimize it for my target market, publish it, and then start benefiting from it. Sound familiar? That’s why I partnered with industry experts to develop a process to optimize a LinkedIn profile to increase profile rank, get more targeted profile views, and generate qualified leads.

Our Process …

Let’s get to the point … Your profile rank and the number of profile views you get is directly related to…

1) The quality and completeness of your profile – SEO optimized for keyword search.

2) The quality and number of connections in your network.

Notice that I didn’t say a word about “posting updates” or “publishing articles”.

There’s a very simple reason for that: those things DON’T matter if you don’t have an audience in place. When it comes to building that audience, when we focus on the two things I listed above we create the foundation to build upon.

That’s what we’ll do for you.

You ready?

Let’s do this!

First we edit and optimize the the important areas of your profile:


Then we define, search, and connect with your target market to increase your profile views and rank:

Increase Your Profile Rank & Views This Week …

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This includes any support needed to answer any questions that you may have.

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I want you to be 100% satisfied with your LinkedIn profile. And if you’re not, no problem. Email us and we’ll be happy to revise it until you’re satisfied. If you’re still not happy, email us within 3 days and we’ll issue you a full refund. No questions asked.

How It Works …


Place your order.


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We’ll send you a confirmation when it’s complete. With the Professional Package, we’ll then start building targeted connections and send you weekly status updates.

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