I do business with people that want to get things done. I like to understand a bit about the people I work with.

So let me start by giving you a “little bit of a scenario of what my life is all about” from top motivational speaker Matt Foley – the late great Chris Farley. If you’re not familiar with this one, look it up … it’s a classic.

So let’s get started …


My name is Todd Hentnick, I grew up in Massachusetts and I’ve lived in a number of places in the state. My parents are doing well, and I have one younger brother who’s got a great family.

As I write this I’m enjoying a good ole family vacation in Kennebunkport, Maine. As you can tell from the photo I’m doing a lot thinking.


I wouldn’t say I’m a sentimental guy but I do miss my dog Sammy. She was a long haired Akita and she was the epitome of loyalty.

If you’re thinking of adopting one, I encourage you to check out one of the rescue non-profits like Big East Akita Rescue and get one that deserves a better life.


I went to Northeastern University in Boston and majored in Engineering. I’ve worked in several industries from chemical manufacturing to airplane parts production to DOD suppliers. I left the corporate world to pursue my own thing and dabbled in insurance and merchant account sales before starting my own web design and marketing business.

I’m completely self-taught in web design and marketing and learn what I could from playing around with different software and learning what I could online. I’ve worked with local and national business including retail locations, manufacturing, and law firms.

Earlier this year I launched a business – – a lead generation service for professional service providers. From this site in working with business owners I saw the demand for learning how to use LinkedIn.

If you’re active on LinkedIn, you know that the site is dynamic and they’re constantly changing things around.  There’s a ton to learn on just navigating site and the tips & tricks to use it to your advantage. I’ve learned a lot from using it and implement my own strategies to generate more connections and new business.

So that’s why I created LinkedinEngine. This site is my sweetheart and my purpose is to help you get more out of using it. Like any social media site, you need to use it to gain some benefit from it. Much like having a website these days …. the days of “if you build it they will come” are long gone. Yes, you need to create a solid profile but then you need to take action and connect and talk with people, because it’s people who buy and hire.

To Wrap It Up

LinkedinEngine is committed to help you get more out LinkedIn whether you want to generate new business, connect with partners or affiliates, or open the door to a new job or career opportunity. I have 4+ years of experience with LinkedIn and I stay on top of what’s happening and give you what you need to know to stay on top of your game.

All the Best,
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